Best Locations for IT Professionals in 2012

The best places for IT professionals outside of the big three (Silicon Valley, D.C., New York) KLG Advisors have released a report that hopes to identify the top domestic IT talent markets. It is geared towards companies looking to relocate or source talent, but is a great resource for IT professionals as well. As your career progresses and more opportunities become available to you, there are significant chances that you will consider relocation. If you want to relocate to cities with a growing IT base, these are nine cities that you should keep in mind. There are also cities that are listed as the least favorable. While the KLG method is not spelled out in their report, their findings seem to be grounded in rigorous research. Take a look at what they have come up with and let us know whether or not you agree with their findings.

KLG lists the most favorable as:
Kansas City
Salt Lake City

They have left out the bigger cities that are famous for IT and other professions, due to the high costs. These costs not only relate to business, but also cost of living. So if you want to have your pie and eat it to, these nine major metropolitan areas are a great place to look.

KLG used a mix of factors to analyze the most favorable cities. They took a holistic approach that looked at college training and research focus, competitive positioning in the market, overall typical culture and work norms of the community in the area and how it aligns with a specific company’s culture, and more. More details can be found in the report here.

KLG lists the least favorable cities as:

Are you considering relocation? If so have you considered any of the cities on this list? Would this report influence your decision? Let us know, perhaps Silicon Valley may have some competition.

A good way to contrast the KLG report is with Wired magazines report on the smartest jobs in America. In their report they listed the “Emerging epicenters of High Tech industry”They have it broken into color designations for different industries, and IT is listed as yellow. As you can see many of the cities listed as the most favorable are highly rated as strong epicenters in IT industry.