Celebrating 7 Years: A Letter from our CEO

Exactly seven years ago, on a rainy March morning, I signed the papers that made nexus IT group official.  Wow.  Seven years. It’s been an incredible ride.  I’m sure many people predicted I would not last a year in this world, that I was too idealistic to cope with everyday business life. Fortunately, these people were wrong.

Through the ups and downs that our industry brings, to our first days working out of a cold and stale basement living off of my wife’s salary, zero clients, feelings of guilt, and insecurity, along with no idea how I was going to dig my way out of the cold, dungeonesque like basement.  But it wasn’t me who proved them wrong, not me alone, anyway.

                                             1st Office

A company’s business growth depends entirely on the coworkers/business partners that a leader surrounds themselves around. No individual at nexus IT group can take the credit of all of our years of success. Celebrating a seven-year anniversary milestone is a big achievement in itself. It’s a celebration for all who have been a part of the company through all these years.

Seven years is both a long time and a very short time. The average tech startup doesn’t quite make two years.  Compared to a giant such as Microsoft, our company is still adolescent. On the other hand, seven years in a sector that is constantly and rapidly advancing is an achievement we can be proud of. It means we have managed to establish ourselves in this sector. We've claimed our rightful place here.

We’ve outgrown 3 offices now. However, when I think about growth, I don’t think in terms of office space, employee size, or revenue.  Instead, I’m humbled that we’ve been able to build a killer brand, awesome customers, and most importantly lifelong friends with many of our brilliant and dedicated coworkers.

                                                  2nd Office

People ask us how we stayed so motivated through the last seven years in an industry resistant to change.  It’s because we care deeply about the candidates we place, the clients we work with and the experience they get when they agree to work with nexus IT group.  We believe that we can offer something vastly superior to the gridlock we experience today in the tech recruiting industry. We know it can be done better. And we are going to prove it to the world.

I promise that in the seven years ahead, nexus IT group will deliver more and better work in the areas we need most in the tech recruiting industry. We believe in strong communication, transparent processes, better experiences, more data, more generosity, advancing employer branding, being held to the highest of standards, and most importantly, stronger relationships.

Many thanks to the incredible team at nexus IT group and a community that’s been so supportive from the start. I am so proud to be part of this team and community, and I am jacked to see what is in store for us in 2017!  Without question, our greatest accomplishments still lie ahead of us.