An Interview Is Like A Blind Date

A client interview is similar to a blind date.  You don’t know exactly what to expect.  To assist you in your interview, nexus IT group has prepared some helpful information.


• Be positive and energetic. Smile – they can hear it over the phone!
• Clear, concise communication skills are a must
• Be available. Make sure you’re able to answer the phone at the appointed date and time.
• Have your resume. Have a copy handy with highlighted skills and accomplishments so you are able to refer to it as you discuss your work experience, skills, etc.
• Show excitement for the role. Upon completion of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time and express your strong interest in the opening.
• Don’t chew gum
• Don’t use obscene language
• Don’t talk badly about past employers
• Don’t talk about personal problems or your personal life
• Don’t be arrogant or a “know it all”
• Don’t answer questions with a simple “yes” or “no” – always elaborate.  Give concise qualitative answers such as “I have worked with Java for over 5 years with 80% of my time spent in design and development of applications.  Due to my extensive knowledge of web based applications, I serve as a mentor within our team.”
• Don’t forget to sell yourself – talk about past achievements and accomplishments
• Never ask the interviewer questions about flex hours, vacation, holidays, breaks or sick time.

When the inevitable interview question “Do you have any questions” arrives, be prepared with at least three to five well thought out questions. This shows your interest in the position and your ability to communicate. Some example questions are:

• What types of projects do you anticipate over the next six months?
• What do you envision as the ideal candidate for this job?
• What attributes make people successful in your organization?
• When will you be making a decision?
• What is the next step?
• When do you want someone to start?
• What else can I tell you about myself?
• What do you see as the major challenges of this assignment?

Remember:  It’s not the person with the best skills that gets the job, it’s the person who interviews the best!