Key Warning Signs Your Top Talent Is Out The Door

Although turnover is both natural and expected, when you're blindsided by the departure of one of your key employees it's costly, stressful and disruptive. It can lead to broken teams, lost business relationships, lowered morale, and the loss of essential knowledge. Fortunately, there are some ways in which to know your company is at risk.

An Increased Need of Privacy

Is your employee using extra caution while using the telephone or locking his door a lot? Although isolated incidents shouldn't be alarming, if they happen too often you should be wary. Someone who's looking for a new job will show an increased need of privacy at their current job.

Unusual Requests for Days Off

While most people will occasionally take a sick day or leave early for a personal reason, when someone suddenly has poor work attendance or requests time off without any explanation, this could be a tip that they're interviewing for another job. Someone who's landed a new job may also take any sick, personal, and vacation days they've accumulated so they don't lose them.

Major Life Changes

Things like birth/adoption, death, divorce, marriage, or a major illness will impact your employee’s ability to work. It's important to keep the lines of communication open during this time so they don't suddenly quit. This also allows you to change their job responsibilities (either temporarily or permanently) so they have more flexibility to take care of things while you retain them as an employee.

Avoiding Coworkers

Although some employees are anxious to tell others they've got a new job, others simply stop talking and drift away from the office social environment. So, be on the lookout for any employee who spends more time alone than usual. This may mean he or she feels guilty and thus doesn't want to socialize in the same way they used to.

Changes in Performance and Productivity

Has an employee who was once enthusiastic now lost their interest and motivation? Has the quality of their work diminished? Are other employees picking up the slack for them? Employees who are looking for another job may no longer care about the one they currently have. Of course, there are other reasons their productivity and performance may have changed such as poor health, a lack of sleep, burnout, or other types of personal problems. Since you want to be a responsible office manager, it's important to get to the bottom of things and find out what's really going on. So, ask your employee open-ended questions that allow you to get to the bottom of things and address it properly so things will hopefully turn around.

It's important to remain proactive in looking for these signs. This will allow you time to replace the employee or convince them to stay.



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