‘Tis the season to be jolly. Despite the common misconception that no one is hiring over the holidays. At nexus IT group, there is no better time than the holidays to start your job search. Spirits are high, projects are wrapping up, planning for the new year has begun, and individuals feel the need to help and give this time of the year. Why not take advantage of this slowdown, and embrace your job search. Here are 4 reasons why you should start your job search during the holidays.

Planning for 2014 is occurring as you read this.
This time of the year hiring managers are often planning for the new year. A huge part of their planning is human capital. Considering that the majority of US companies have unprecedented high balance sheets right now, they are looking at ways to drive new business. This could be done organically, new projects, acquisitions, etc. Hiring managers will often take this downtime in business to move next year’s hiring to the top of their minds and initiatives. I realize that many job seekers feel companies aren’t looking at resumes, no one’s interviewing, and no one’s hiring until next year. You’ll be pleasantly surprised if you move your job search from passive (I’ll start looking in 2014) to active.

Extra time.
Traditionally business slows down this time of the year and hiring managers take a breather as they gear up for the new year. They also take time to evaluate their team and where they need to go next year to be successful. Often times this means hiring new individuals. Whether it’s hiring for personality or finding the missing link…companies are hiring right now.

Holiday parties.
Everyone loves a fun Christmas party with a good cup of eggnog. I’m sure many of you will be attending personal and professional parties over the next few weeks. Why not take this time to meet 3 new people at each party. You never know who these individuals work for, and the potential strength of their network. This is a great way to really accelerate your job search.

Social Media.
If you’re not already on LinkedIn, stop what you’re doing and go signup. Don’t just signup, but complete your profile to 100% completeness. Increase your social media usage this time of the year. Connect with people that you meet at holiday parties via Twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. Tweet about great articles that you’ve read. Connect with new and old friends on facebook. Ask for recommendations from past colleagues on LinkedIn. Whatever you do, increase your social media usage.

Don’t get caught in the holiday trap.

Happy holidays and happy job hunting from nexus IT group, Inc.