Holiday Job Search Tips

As we begin to enter the Holiday Season, nexus IT group remains very optimistic about the future.  More and more companies are looking to expand their IT workforce, and business has really picked up.  We don't necessarily believe that we are completely out of the woods just yet, but we do feel the worst is behind us.  The market right now is very contract heavy, as companies look to get over humps toward the end of the year.  nexus IT group expects that this will change at the turn of the year when companies receive first quarter budgets and evaluate their IT initiatives.  This has been historically par for the course in the fourth quarter. 

One thing that remains constant across all industries is the importance of networking.  As an organization who posts new jobs regularly, we will attest to the fact that there are a lot of people out there applying for new roles.  With that said, it is sometimes difficult for those posting the jobs to get back to individuals in a timely manner, so we wanted to provide some quick advice to job seekers during this wonderful time of the year.

• The easiest way to find a job is and always has been through an internal referral.  If you know someone at a company that can help get your resume to a hiring manager, I would definitely use that relationship to your benefit.  One excellent way to identify these connections is by using LinkedIn. 

• If you do not have a relationship built with anyone at a particular company, and you see an opening, that is where a recruiting agency like nexus IT group will be able to help you out.  Speaking for nexus IT group, our Customer Experience Reps  work directly with hiring managers and human resources.  Often times if you apply to a position and do not hear anything back, it is because HR is overwhelmed with applications. 

• When applying for a position, I always recommend calling in to follow up regarding your application after it's been 5 business days. 

• Gear your resume toward the particular position you are applying for.  With the number of applications that potential employers see every day, the resume really needs to be a quick sell when they read it.  We highly recommend when applying for positions that you identify what looks most important in the position and make those things stand out in your resume.

• Once you do get the interview, prepare, prepare, and then prepare some more.  Companies like it when you come in and ask educated questions about what they do and what their goals are for the particular position.  Knowing the company before going in for an interview shows the prospective employer how interested you truly are in the position.

• Follow up after the interview.  This can be done via email or handwritten  "Thank You" card.  Thanking the interviewer for their time and expressing your interest in the position following the interview brings your name to their attention again and lets them know that you are genuinely interested in the opportunity.  Email works just fine, but if you want to go the extra mile, you might take a pre-addressed envelope and thank you card with you to the interview.  When you get out write a quick note and drop it in the mail on the way home.