Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume

At nexus IT group we see some really great resumes, but we also see our fair share of horrible resumes. We've put together a list of items you should never put on your resume.

  1. No self-portrait of yourself
  2. No MySpace link. No facebook link espicially if it isn’t employer appropriate
  3. No resumes written on Text Documents (txt). Word or PDF only
  4. If you have over 3 years of work experience, remove your internships
  5. After your first professional job, remove your high school jobs unless they are applicable to your next career
  6. Remove your GPA after 3+ years of work experience
  7. No personal info, such as married with 5 children, or cancer survivor
  8. No personal interests listed unless it applies to the specific position
  9. No citizenship status listed unless you feel that it will enhance your response rate from potential employers
  10. If you must put your college dates on your resume just put your graduation year and not the year you started and ended