Video Resumes - Boom Or Bust

Recently there has been a lot of research and talk around video resumes. Will video resumes replace paper resumes in the future? A video resume is a way for job seekers to showcase their abilities beyond the capabilities of a traditional paper resume. The video resume allows prospective employers to see, hear and get a feel for how the applicant communicates and presents themselves.

There are a number of new platforms popping up that are targeting online video resumes. Companies like Jobster, Vault, 62ndview, HireVue, Resumevideo, and facebook. Two of the biggest arguments against video resumes are that video resumes can serve to facilitate racial, ethnic, class-based and age discrimination, or lead to accusations of such discrimination. Secondly, if an employer requires applications by video, then those without video cameras and broadband-equipped computers might argue they lacked access.