What Do Job Seekers Expect From Recruiters?

We often find ourselves asking this question more and more. So what is it that active and passive IT job seekers expect from recruiters? The dynamics that go into each interaction with a potential IT consultant can range from a simple introductory conversation to providing consultation on market trends, to resume writing, to interview coaching. So why is it that so many job seekers don't utilize the wide array of knowledge that recruiters bring to the table.

Here are a few tips when working with a new recruiter:
1. Transparent communication will only increase the candidate / job seeker relationship
2. Sense of Urgency
3. Define expectations early in the conversation
4. Be honest about your salary and why you are looking for a new career...This will only help in the long run
5. Ask the recruiter for guidance and what to expect throughout the process
6. Set clear goals
7. Don't go around the recruiter thinking that you can do better on your own. Let the recruiter manage the process.
8. Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask hard questions. For example, "What areas of improvement do you recommend", "What should I do differently", "Why are you representing this company", "What do you like most about your client"?