What's The Career Path At nexus IT group?

At nexus IT group we are constantly getting asked “what’s the career path at nexus IT group” or “what do you do at nexus IT group?”  There are a wide range of career paths that an individual can experience depending on their strengths and successes.  So what are the potential career paths at nexus IT group?  Collectively, we thought it would be great to put together a series of success profiles to answer these questions.

Candidate Experience Rep 

As a Candidate Experience Rep at nexus IT, this is where a new rep is in their infancy stage.  Reps soak in as much industry knowledge as possible to build a solid foundation.  Reps learn best practices, embrace recruiting techniques, start to build industry relationships, the art of negotiation, and adversity typically occurs during this stage, but ultimately makes our reps stronger.  An individual can expect to be in this role 1 year to your whole career at nexus IT group.

Recruiting Lead 

If a Candidate Experience Rep wants to stay on the recruiting side of the company, but would like to take on more responsibility, often a HR Lead is a nice transition for career growth.  This role is instrumental in bringing in top talent for nexus IT group.  Also, this role is responsible for staying abreast of industry trends, best practices, and driving changing within the nexus IT group culture.  An individual can expect to be in this role after 2 years with nexus IT group.

Customer Experience Rep

This role is all about business development, client relationships, and recruiter mentoring and management.  If a Candidate Experience Rep displays the qualities we look for in leaders, then this is often the next step for a Candidate Experience Rep.  By this stage an individual has seen success, faced adversity, and has built a solid foundation in the IT recruiting business.  An individual can expect to be in this role after 1 year with nexus IT group.

National Sales 

Business development, stakeholder relationships, and communication are of upmost importance in this role.  Typically travel is heavier in a national sales role due to visiting key client locations and managing C-Level relationships.  Communication with the field offices is very important in a national sales role, and creating awareness and driving initiatives across all offices is very important to this person’s success.  Other responsibilities are to develop and maintain contact with top decision makers at key clients, organize and lead pursuit teams, participate and lead aspects of the proposal development process, contribute to the development of proposal pricing strategies.  An individual can expect to be in this role after 5 years with nexus IT group.


Once a certain level of success is reached, we are always looking for individuals to step up and spearhead a new market for nexus IT group.  This role is one of the biggest challenges a person will face, but also one of the most rewarding roles at nexus IT group.  As a Director at nexus IT group an individual is expected to contribute to the firm’s growth and development in a variety of ways.  Not only are you responsible for P&L for nexus IT group, but you’re responsible for growing, teaching, client management ,and managing sales and recruiting teams, as well as managing performance indicators, mentoring future leaders, and growth of the top line at nexus IT group.  An individual can expect to be in this role after 5 years with nexus IT group.

Vice President

As a Vice President for nexus IT group you are a trusted advisor in the organization.  Vice President's are responsible for leading a team, setting annual expected business results, driving change, enforcing fundamentals, mentoring future leaders, cost cutting, and value added company initiatives.  An individual can expect to be in this role after 8 years with nexus IT group.

To Be Determined

As a growing and agile company, if you feel that there is a role that would take nexus IT group to the next level then we encourage all of our business partners to present a business case.  You might just create your own new role within nexus IT group.

One of the great things about servicing the fastest growing industry in the United States is that technology is always changing.  As a leading IT services provider we must be able to adapt and grow with the demands of the IT sector.  This is one of many areas that we pride ourselves in at nexus IT group; we work hard to be agile and to stay abreast of industry and market trends.  Because of this commitment, nexus IT group will always have a need for top talent to join our growing team.  As such, new roles and opportunities will arise.  Are you ready for this once in a lifetime life changing opportunity? Life's too short for the wrong job.