ETL / Data Warehousing

2017 Career Insights

A big trend in data warehousing for 2017 is how to boost performance to meet the needs of data-hungry enterprises. ETL and Data Warehouse professionals will be tasked with devising strategies and solutions to address the challenges faced by data teams. Additionally, there are several rising areas across IT that will directly increase the need of ETL & Data Warehouse professionals such as DevOps, IT Automation & Machine Learning.



Informatica Certification

  • Informatica Certified Specialists have a proven competency to participate and lead an Informatica project team

DataStage Certification

  • The IBM Certified Solution Developer (InfoSphere DataStage v11.3) is able to design and develop an efficient and scalable DataStage solution

Microsoft SSIS Certifications

  • There is not a specific certification for SSIS skills. However, there are specific training & exam courses around SSIS that lead to become MCSE certified. These training and exam courses prove an individual’s expertise in creating BI solutions, data cleansing and ETL & DW implementation.

SAP Business Objects Training

  • There are numerous courses to take to further one’s education in Business Objects. The correct trajectory and courses depend upon one’s involvement with Business Objects as they range from development to implementation to administration.

Oracle Data Integrator

  • This certification proves an individual’s knowledge in the implementation of Oracle Data Integrator in an enterprise environment

CloverETL Training

  • Only available in person
  • These courses will give an individual the ability to develop and support solutions based on CloverETL technology



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