The new job is wonderful.  I'm incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity, thanks again for helping make this IT group is by far the best recruiting firm I've ever worked with. 

It was indeed a pleasure working with Austin. Many recruiters did not strike me as professional, but Austin stood above the rest.

I've met with two different recruiters for two different companies and although they said they'd help, I never heard from them after they bought lunch. I went in to dealing with Nexus IT with the same expectations.  I was very pleasantly surprised at how different they were. They have bent over backwards to be as helpful as they could be.

Nick took great care of me after reaching out with a job that he thought would be a good fit. He is very professional and personable.

Nick was an amazing recruiter. He made sure to be available to answer my questions at all times. The hand-written note at the end of the process was a wonderful touch.

Nick did a great job in helping me with my job search. And, although I was not offered the opportunity with his client, I appreciate Nick for his efforts. 

nexus IT group was easy to work with, communicated well, and made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed at all points in the process.

Excellent customer service and support from Nick at every step along the way!! The services that I received were outstanding. 

Working with Austin was an absolute pleasure. He provided outstanding communication throughout the process and gave great guidance and insight into preparing for my interviews.

nexus IT did a great job keeping me informed throughout the entire process, promptly answered all of my questions and showed up at the client location on the day of the interview with to do introductions. Excellent Job!

Thanks for helping me get this position. Austin and Travis were very professional and upfront during the entire process and I really appreciate it.

The recruiters who worked with me continued to update me every step of the way in the process of interviewing with the client. I think this is a great attribute as I was never in the dark about what the next step would be. 

Travis was friendly, responsive, supportive, informative, followed thru on their statements with action, and focused on me. It was a pleasure to work with the Kansas City office. 

Excellent Communication. I always knew of my status with the client and excellent follow-up. Very professional organization. 

Professional, polite and knowledgeable recruiting staff. The nexus team works very closely with candidates to ensure that the position is a good fit and that they are prepared for the interview process. 

The recruiters were very knowledgeable about the positions they represent. I was offered excellent support for the interviews. 

I felt that Nick did a great job in helping me with my job search. And, although I was not offered the opportunity with his client, I appreciate Nick for his efforts. Nick was very considerate and he walked me through the entire process. 

They were easy to work with, communicated well, and made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed at all points in the process. 

Austin you are one of the greatest recruiters. You have been most kind and gracious throughout the interview process.

I have never had a better experience with an employer. Travis and his team at nexus IT group worked tirelessly to find the best position for my skills and career path. Travis was available and eager to assist at every step of the process. The role that Travis and his company found for me is perhaps the best job of my life and I can't thank Travis and his team enough for their efforts. If you need any assistance with placement in an IT career, I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Travis and nexus IT group.

I highly recommend nexus IT because of their attention to detail and willingness to go that extra mile for both the candidate and the client company. His communication skills are spot on and his knowledge in various technical fields really helps to make him a valuable business partner.


nexus IT group was very helpful and always followed up to make sure my needs were met. nexus provided the best recruiter experience I have had to date. 


The support during the whole procedure was outstanding. Communication through phone and email was good giving interview hints and tips with background information about the company helped me allot.

Nick is straight forward, sincere and a highly experienced professional. He demonstrates an acute ability to identify and match skills and resources. Nick provides the level of professionalism required to meet today's complex IT environments. Nick has contributed exceptional results due to his attention to details, ability to think outside the box, as well as his willingness go above and beyond expectations.

They found me a great job which is a perfect fit for my skills and what I love to do and they got me the salary I was hoping for. 

Significant and thoughtful support in preparing for interviews. Andrew and Travis are the best recruiters I have ever dealt with. Do EXACTLY what you are doing now. It was perfect. All recruiters should model their behavior.


Excellent communication. Very knowledgeable about the company. Provided excellent preparation material.

Travis and Andrew provided great assistance in preparing for the client interviews. Both provided strong communication throughout the process. Everything was perfect.

You've been absolutely professional during this process. To say the least, life is easier when you work with a recruiter who is courteous, respectful and professional. Believe it or not, things like that make a difference to me and played into my overall decision. 

nexus IT is very thorough and professional and made sure I understood all details of the process. If you are in a career transition or just looking to change jobs, I highly recommend nexus IT group! 

nexus IT has been an invaluable resource to a scared and anxious newbie like myself. I really appreciate all of your hard work, and words can't express how thankful I am.

Travis is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He had great communication skills and showed integrity throughout the entire recruiting process. 

Constant communication and follow up regarding issues and concerns. I felt valued as a job seeker.

Very courteous folks to work with. I liked the attention to detail and all the follow ups that were provided.

High level of hands-on care by Andrew. His insight into what the hiring company was looking for was key to me getting an interview and ultimately getting the job. Truly a uniquely effective individual and a company with a proven record of success!

Nick is a motivated and articulate recruiter and responds quickly. He conducted an informative and well-structured interview with me over the phone, including sharing information about the position being recruited and repeatedly checking in on my interest level and compatibility with the information he was providing. An excellent first impression of a good communicator doing the best for his clientele.

I can sum up Travis in two words - consummate professional. I couldn't be more happy with how I was treated throughout the process. From beginning to end, I was kept in the loop. At no point in the interview process did I feel unprepared.  

nexus IT is open and honest about all details and conducts himself with great integrity. Anyone would be fortunate to have nexus IT group as their recruiter.