What We Do

At nexus IT group we specialize in working alongside your company to identify the perfect staffing solutions. Through our wide variety of niche networks and commitment to excellence, nexus IT group can help solve your critical staffing needs in a continually changing business environment. We offer an array of services to assist your company in meeting tight deadlines, while managing overhead costs. Our strategies allow our clients a competitive advantage in cost control, allowing for a maximized return on investment. nexus IT group offers you a proven track record of success in delivering top IT talent on a contract, contract-to-hire or direct placement basis. Our proprietary Quality Through Understanding process ensures an unmatched customer experience while enabling
our recruiting team to deliver only the highest caliber of IT candidates.

nexus IT group INSIDE AND OUT

Service & Delivery Excellence

The nexus IT structure, culture and approach to business is all centered on delivering an unmatched customer experience and exceptional business results.

Proven National Performance

nexus IT assures that it will always deliver top results, no matter what challenges or obstacles arise.

Industry Leading Quality of Hire Ratio

Quality of Hire is extremely important to nexus IT and one of the KPIs that we are most proud of.

Value Generation & Cost Management

Using nexus IT's cost management process, you can ensure that your SOW is accomplished within the set budget, and effective business risk management strategies are maintained.

Customized Invoicing

In any business flexibility is key for streamlining efficiencies. nexus IT prides itself in allowing our clients to have fully customizable invoices.

Proprietary Database Of Passive IT Candidates

At nexus IT we focus on the human element which leads to building long-term relationships, because at the end of the day it's human potential that drives the future.

Valuing Diversity Initiatives

nexus IT's commitment to diversity focuses on recruiting candidates, supplier diversity, and awareness and outreach.

Industry Leading Candidate Satisfaction

Candidate surveys are administered weekly to gauge overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend nexus IT. We have continued to have industry leading metrics in both categories.

Single Point Of Contact Offerings

As every business is different, nexus IT believes that partnering with one representative allows for a consistent service and higher quality of delivery.

IT Industry Expertise & Market Trends Data

nexus IT keeps a constant pulse on the IT market to serve as an educated resource to our clients for market salary data, best practices, branding, market trends, as well emerging skillsets.

Our Team

Our cohesive team allows us to be agile, staying on top of rapidly changing trends. It also means you’re always working with our core team of experts at every step in the process.

Online Timekeeping and Audit Tracking

nexus IT utilizes a web and mobile system that captures and streamlines the flow of critical workforce information. Our system is easy to use and reduces the risk of human error.

Most Valued Partner

Our Customer Experience Reps have the knowledge, skills, and tools to evaluate labor market trends, compensation analysis, and best practices in the IT recruiting industry to develop a plan to attract and retain top IT talent for your growing organization. nexus IT group realizes that building the right workforce cannot be done blindly, and that is why we take the time to fully understand your needs to deliver with accuracy.


nexus IT group is fully committed to providing the highest level of service to your organization. We provide quality solutions through a deep understanding of your business, technically and culturally. Through passion and experience, nexus IT group works behind the scenes to deliver key elements in providing a successful workforce to your organization.

As a privately held, boutique firm you benefit from an ultimate focus. This focus generates an accurate and timely solution that is consistent time and time again. In having niche divisions within the IT industry, we are able to understand market trends and keep our clients ahead of the curve. Client's look to nexus IT group to be able to say persuasively to a candidate, I know you are happy, you have choices, follow us.

In today’s ever-changing business world it is essential that companies have access to a contingent workforce. If you are a company in need of IT professionals in the areas of software development, network engineering, IT security, infrastructure, quality assurance, ERP, and project management, nexus IT group has a program for you.