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Nexus IT Group’s software engineering recruiting team works with companies ranging from growing startups to Fortune 500 companies to meet their software staffing needs. With decades of experience in IT recruitment, we have the expertise and connections to identify top software developers and information technology professionals in the niche, whether you need to expand your programming team or bring on a new Head of Engineering to oversee your full stack development.

The challenges of hiring software development talent

Businesses today rely on their software to drive productivity and manage their customers and workload, but while the entire team often uses this software, most don’t understand how to develop and improve it at the programming level. Recruiting software professionals on job boards can be hit or miss, especially as the staffing needs for software engineers increase across industries. This is where a dedicated software staffing team like the one at Nexus can come into play. Our extensive networking with job seekers in the niche means we can find the right people for these jobs and can share advice on what attracts them to an opportunity, helping companies of all sizes to fill these critical positions and achieve their business goals.

The Nexus advantage

Building relationships is the name of the game in recruiting, and this is something Nexus IT excels at. It’s not just our goal to find any employees, but rather to match the right people to the right roles. Even within the software development world, each role is unique. Whether you need an expert in programming languages, a UNIX developer, analysts to perform testing on computer systems, or software developers with cross-department skills who can work with finance, sales, or human resources administration to meet their software needs, we understand the distinctive requirements to thrive in each role. Once we identify the top professionals, we support them throughout the job search, from sending along opportunities that are a good fit through negotiating the offer and benefits.

Whether you’re a hiring manager with a difficult software role to fill or a professional considering a career shift, we would love to chat about your needs and how Nexus can help. Similar to technology roles across industries, the software development sector is evolving quickly, and having an experienced professional on your side can help you successfully navigate this changing landscape. Even if you just want some insights into how our recruiters help connect talent with opportunities, we hope you’ll reach out so we can share our expertise and help your company or career continue to move forward.


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Frequently asked questions about software development recruiting

To nexus IT group placement is an art—one that requires the proper alignment of talent with opportunity, experience with need, personality with environment, and aspirations with value. The Software Development hiring space is fast-paced, highly competitive recruiting environment that offers big opportunities for Software Development candidates. Our full-cycle recruiting system is a 51 step touchpoint process from start to finish. Our engagement process starts with a discovery call to understand the needs of the role. With this series of questions our Software Development recruiters are able to build a sales cadence that we will use to deploy a multi-touch recruiting cadence precisely and accurately to hundreds of candidates that fit the expectations of the role. a relationship. Once our targeted search is executive, we spend a series of 3 calls to get to know the candidates’ needs, wants, and future career interests. Once we’ve created a shortlist of qualified and fully vetted candidates, we will deliver our top 3 to 4 candidates to the Software Development hiring manager. Once the interview process starts we work with the candidate and the hiring team to make sure communication is responsive and transparent. Once a candidate is placed, we stay in touch with the placed candidate for 2 years just to see how things are going.

Our candidate sourcing can be described in 3 words: Identify. Engage. Toolstack. Typically, the best job prospects are those who are passive. This indicates that they are not actively seeking employment. As a result, they are not surfing the Internet in search of online job postings. And because they are not viewing online job postings, we have developed a robust and 100% outbound recruiting strategy. We begin our sourcing strategy by creating a candidate persona. Once we have successfully created the candidate persona, we will then create a content strategy that will attract top talent in the cybersecurity space. Once we’ve developed our cadence we will use a number of sources to scour the web to get our message in front of the right candidates. Strategies includes searching our database, sourcing for referrals, sourcing from specific organizations, LinkedIn, Meetup, GitHub, Angel List, Dice, alumni boards, and many other specific Software Development sites. We craft highly personalized messages that drive above industry reply rates. Our recruiting strategy is to begin conversations with passive candidates to learn about their future career interests, needs, and wants and align those needs with future openings with a high-touch approach.

Quality of Hire is very important for nexus IT group and our Software Development recruiting team. Currently our Software Development specific recruiters hold a 93.08% quality of hire ratio. This is measured by any contractor who successfully completes their contract, and/or a direct placement candidate who is at our client for at least 6 months of duration.

Currently our 1 year retention rate with our Software Development clients is running right at 92.53%

The Software Development hiring environment is very fast-paced so our team of Software Development recruiters are trained to work quickly and accurately. The time required to send qualified candidates to the Software Development hiring manager, varies on the position you are seeking to fill and the challenges we will face such as lower than market compensation, bonus/equity concerns, slow feedback, onsite expectations, etc. We can deliver applicants on the day of contract signing, within a few days, or within a few weeks.

We’ve spent a great deal of time recruiting in the Software Development space, and have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with a number of amazing companies looking to build amazing pieces of software for both businesses and consumers. From our perspective, Software Development is the future and we are excited to be a part of it.

Software Development recruiters specialize in a specific market sector. Every day, our Software Development recruiters contact a specialized set of Software Development candidates working with Java, .NET/C#, Angular, React, Python, SQL, and many others. When starting a new search, our team has a pool of personally-known candidates to call immediately. The point is that specialized Software Development recruiters sprint out of the gate more effectively than staffing firms that go back to the drawing board for each search.

When employers receive a resume from a Software Development recruiting firm, there is a high probability that they are familiar with the individual. Our clients trust that we have thoroughly screened the candidate over a series of multiple conversations, and that they will be worth the hiring managers time to interview.

Another benefit of using a specialized Software Development recruiting firm is you will experience less of a “resume broker” relationship and more of a “sector expert.” We spend countless hours every day conversing with Software Development prospects and Software Development hiring managers, making us more “in the know” about the Software Development space. Software Development recruiters can provide insight into the landscape of employment, equity, compensation, and the most recent candidate hiring and retention challenges.

Ultimately, Software Development recruiters have access to a concentrated pool of candidates, resulting in increased efficiency during the hiring process and the ability to establish long-lasting relationships with the industry’s top talent.

Though we have several different practice areas such as Government IT staffing, DevOps staffing, Software Development staffing, Digital Marketing staffing, Data Science staffing, Private Equity staffing, and Cloud staffing. Our Software Development recruiters are hyper focused on clients in the Software Development space.. Our Software Development recruiting team has successfully worked with clients ranging from budding startups to Fortune 10 organizations.

Whether you’re recruiting for a Java Engineer, .NET Architect, or a Python Engineer – our recruiting solutions have you covered. Our hires range from just about anything you can imagine that a company would need when hiring Software Development talent — including non-tech roles like Head of Software Development, VP of Software Development, Solutions Architect, and many more—with a niche focus in Software Development staffing.

Our Software Development recruiters use a series of stages to make sure we minimize candidate fall out during the recruiting cycle. Our recruiters will perform an in depth conversation where they work to uncover the needs, wants and desires of their next career move. We ask candidates specific skillset questions. If the team feels that there’s a fit then another person from our team will speak with the candidate. If the 2 nexus reps feel that there’s a good fit then we ask the candidate to complete a 4 question feedback form so we can better understand if the role is a good or great fit. Once we receive the candidates feedback then we will perform a “Lockdown” conversation where we ask a series of questions around counteroffers, interview stages, target salary expectations, and much more. If this goes well then we will submit the candidate for client review.

First, it is incredibly difficult for Software Development hiring managers with little time to receive responses to job ads. Second, an increasing number of professionals do not respond to recruiters, particularly in the Software Development field. They prefer to hear directly from the Software Development manager, which brings us to the third challenge: recruitment is a full-time, highly specialized profession for which Software Development hiring managers do not have time for.

Our Software Development recruiting fee is 22% to 25% of the candidates first year base salary. We do our best to find a payment structure that works best for your team.

Our Software Development recruiters are paid by the companies for which they place candidates. Your Software Development recruiter does earn a commission if you are hired, but the commission is paid by the company that hires you. Our recruiting fee isn’t taken out of your salary, and it doesn’t lower the salary that you would be offered. Another misconception is that if you are presented by a recruiter, and another candidate is not, that you would be at a disadvantage because you have a fee associated with you getting that role. In our experience companies are seeking the best person for the job, and they are not concerned about a fee being paid at that point. In fact, candidates that work with recruiters actually tend to make more than those who job hunt alone.

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