5 Ways to Make Your Company Attractive to Prospective IT Professionals

A company has a lot to offer to prospective IT professionals, but they aren't attracting the caliber of talent expected. When the salary and benefits are comparable to the rest of the market, the company may be running into branding issues that are turning off potential recruits. Here are five ways to make any company shine to IT professionals.

1. Show the company personality. It’s not enough to offer a competitive salary and benefits package. The best and the brightest talent want to be in a place where they make a difference for a company that sets itself apart. One way to stand out in the crowd is by showing company culture through social media channels. Instagram pictures of the break room and employee amenities, updates on LinkedIn and Facebook about employee projects, and other windows into the company give applicants a personal look at the business.

2. Explain the quality of life the company provides. Another aspect of a company talent will look at is what their life is going to be like if they take the position. Flexible scheduling, telecommuting, and generous paid time off are some benefits that provide a higher quality of life for an IT professional.

3. Consider open ended job listings. Want to attract the best and the brightest, wherever their technical talent lies? Some companies are switching to open ended job listings to avoid limiting tech professionals into a specific box. While this is detrimental if the company is looking for very specific skill sets, it's useful for attracting innovative talent who are actively interested in working with the company.

4. Explore non-traditional interviewing processes. High demand IT talent has plenty of places clamoring for their attention. Tip the scales by utilizing an interview process that shows why they should choose the company. For example, choosing an interview format that fits in with the IT professional's schedule, whether that's a video interview process or one conducted after business hours. Showing flexibility in the standard interview procedures shows the applicant the company values their time and their quality of life.

5. Establish the company as a thought leader through content marketing. IT professionals want to be involved in companies who are driving thought in their respective industry. By creating thought leadership pieces and positioning the company as an influencer, top talent will already know about the company's work and philosophy.

The company doesn't have to be the biggest enterprise, or be the Best Places To Work list to get the talent it wants to attract. Branding efforts that provide a good representation of the company culture and the quality of life the applicant will enjoy makes a big difference in a competitive recruiting environment.


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