How to Catch an IT Professional in 4 Easy Steps

As the demand for quality IT professionals rises, recruiters are benefiting from a deeper understanding of what it takes to retain IT talent. In a 2014 study by InformationWeek, 88% of large companies said they were experiencing a shortage of IT talent in crucial areas of their business. The question is: Does a shortage truly exist, or is the real problem a communication breach between professionals and recruiters? The 4 tips below will help recruiters break out of their rut and connect with new candidates.

Branch Out

It's a no-brainer - the more avenues HR uses to recruit, the higher their chances will be of finding different candidates with the right skills. However, the hardest part is setting this into action. Several components can be part of a company's "branch out" strategy. Better employer branding, social media, job boards, networking, and targeted marketing are just a few.

Use Temporary Projects

No one enjoys the uncertainty and tension that comes with multiple rounds of interviews. Lets face it, the very best candidates can consider other opportunities or be picked up by a competitor in the meantime. If this hiring process proves to be a waste of time, HR and hiring managers should consider bringing candidates on for short-term projects. Not only will this acquaint the company with their style of work, but it will also give candidates the chance to make an informed decision about permanent employment.

Loosen Your Criteria

This tip applies to any company whose list of requirements are lengthy. This doesn't mean expectations must be lowered. Instead, they must be made specific and reasonable. It's important to be clear about what qualifications matter most, and acknowledge where weak spots exist in the company. Once these are clearly identified, the right resume stands out from the pile naturally.

Define Your Incentives

In the TEDtalk, The Puzzle of Motivation, Dan Pink explains how the nature of incentives can often be counter-intuitive. Job seekers are multidimensional, and each one is seeking a slightly different culture. Thus, anxiously doling out a higher salary isn't the only route to securing a candidate. Recruiters and HR professionals may find that a tailored adjustment in flexibility or work environment will appeal to the right candidate even more.


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