Should You Write A Thank You Note After An Interview?

At nexus IT group, Inc we often get asked, “What is the best way to send a thank you note after an interview?” This day in age so many people want to do things as easy as possible, and you often find that people prefer to send a thank you email vs. a handwritten letter. You will find that there are many different reasons why people choose to send an email, so we've listed a few examples below: 

  • Email will reach the hiring manager as soon as you send it, so he/she will receive it before he/she makes a hiring decision
  • I have sloppy handwriting so I prefer email
  • I don’t have appropriate thank you notes at home (i.e. I’m too lazy/frugal to go get new ones)
  • Handwritten notes are so old school


Below are tips from nexus IT group on how to write handwritten thank you notes. 

  • Go to any store and get a professional thank you note. If you are on the creative side don’t hesitate to make your own
  • Prepare an envelope with the hiring manager’s name and address on a self addressed envelope
  • Right after the interview take a minute to write a personalized message thanking the hiring manger for his/her time, your excitement in the role, and the value you’d bring to the company
  • Drop the letter at the nearest post office or postal box